De Stadscollectie Antwerpen is a lively tribute to the artists who give colour to the city of Antwerp. From emerging talent to established names, this collection highlights local creativity but also the global influence of Antwerp’s art scene. Welcome!

Portraits by Isabelle Pateer

Isabelle Pateer (°1980; lives and works in Antwerp) has built up an international reputation as a portrait and documentary photographer over the past 20 years. In addition to portrait assignments for The New York Times, Financial Times and Monocle, among others, she also focuses on personally initiated projects, including the Artists series, a unique photo series of contemporary visual artists portrayed in their studio. The images are made in collaboration with the artist and aim to capture the personality and inner living and creative world of the artist. A book release of this series is planned for 2023.

Following the start-up of the Antwerp City Collection and after seeing the exhibition entitled Lipstick and Gas Masks, Pateer came up with the idea of ​​portraying the artists involved, with the intention of making the images part of the Antwerp City Collection. A good artist's portrait is a valuable visual document of time that, in addition to its autonomous value, is also useful as part of the interpretation of the artist and his or her work.

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