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(c)Margeret Salmon, videostill
I You Me We Us, 2018
Video , 00:16:00 in loop
double channel 16mm film transferred to digital on 2 Hantarax monitors

Margaret Salmon (b. 1975, New York) draws inspiration from film movements such as Cinema Vérité, Italian neorealism, and the European avant-garde for her oeuvre. I You Me We Us attempts to capture the everyday human experience in minute detail, imbued with a sense of poignancy and poetry. Close-ups of gesticulating, playing, touching and writing hands are interspersed with images of plants and flowers under coloured light. The work focuses on the intimacy of showing affection through touch. It also is a reminder of the most important aspect of love, affection and care, namely human presence and interaction.

Margaret Salmon is represented by Office Baroque Gallery.