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Kortom, de kenmerken van de Gotiek, 2020
Sculpture , 300 x 40 x 60 cm
steen, metaal, metaaldraad, eik

The sculpture Kortom, de kenmerken van de Gotiek (In short, the characteristics of Gothic architecture) consists of a block of stone suspended from an arched wooden batten. The stone hovers above the ground while the batten seems to protrude from the wall. All mounting systems are visible. Bluestone, tow hook, metal wire, metal rail, oak. The work was created in the artist's studios of Ercola, on Wolstraat in Antwerp, where the artist also lives. The work depicts the defiance of gravity, a theme the artist has focused on before, but also relates to the history and architecture of Antwerp.


Leendert van Accoleyen is represented by Pizza Gallery.