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© Hana Miletić. Courtesy of LambdaLambdaLambda Gallery. Photo: M HKA
Materials, 2022
Assemblage , 78 × 58 × 2 cm
Textielkunst, handgeweven en gevilt textiel (lichtgrijs eucalyptus garen, bleke gele ruwe wol, zilvergrijs gemerceriseerd katoen, zilver metaalgaren, zilver diervriendelijk zijde en veelkleurige ruwe wol)

Hana Miletić (b. 1982, Zagreb, Croatia) creates a constant interplay between photography and weaving, connecting the two media from both a technical and conceptual point of view. These works are part of the Materials (2015 – ongoing) series. Miletić models her hand-woven textiles after her own photographs, which in turn document restorations or interventions that have been made in the urban fabric. She uses the weaving process, which requires a great deal of time and dedication, as a counterweight to socio-economic trends such as acceleration and standardisation. Miletić sees the careful weaving and reconstruction of an image as a gesture of care and restoration to reflect on social issues.