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© Hana Miletić. Courtesy of LambdaLambdaLambda Gallery. Photo: M HKA
Materials, 2021
Assemblage , 54 x 37 x 1,5 cm
Textielkunst, handgeweven textiel (gebleekt rood organisch cottoline, rode organische ruwe wol, rode organische cottoline, raffia van rode zijde en witte organische cottoline)

This work is part of the Materials (2015 - ongoing) series. Wandering through cities that are often linked to the place where she will be exhibiting, Miletić documents restorations or interventions that have been made in the urban fabric. This results in a collection of photos of parts of buildings or urban artefacts that have been temporarily hidden, protected or repaired with tape, fabrics, banners or tarpaulins. She then models her woven textiles on these photos. 

This repair was photographed in Brussels. She created the work with leftover fabric from the large Konzum work that is also part of the M HKA collection. The reuse of materials is an important aspect of Miletić's atelier as a way to endorse care and recovery, not just as a motive but also as a work ethic.