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© Pélagie Gbaguidi
Icon in Progress After the Pink, 2015
Painting , 250 x 152 cm
acrylic on canvas, pigment

Pélagie Gbaguidi (b. 1965, Dakar, Senegal) calls herself a contemporary griot and uses the various media art proffers her, ranging from paintings, drawings, texts, and installations to performances to fulfil her task. In West Africa, griots are the custodians and recounters of oral history and myths. Griots are also mediators of present and past, connected to the ancestors, nature, and the elements. For the painting Icon in Progress After the Pink Gbaguidi uses parts of her body to apply paint or pigment to the canvas. Her oeuvre forms a new timeline of colonial and post-colonial history with traces of trauma, symbols, associations, and new, composite archetypes.


Pélagie Gbaguidi is represented by gallery Zeno X.